More than a Portfolio


  • Provided software solutions of technical challenges in mission-critical OSS/BSS systems;
  • Developed innovative BPMN based OSS/BSS components;
  • Unification of fixed-line and mobile campaigning;
  • Enabled to define combined (unified) marketing offers for fixed-line, mobile, and ip services;
  • Fixed broadband and local access wireless technologies.

University of Southern California

  • Groundbreaking achievement in experimental learning and education;
  • Constantly evolving system based on machine-learning and contextual discovery.


  • Research and investigation of mobile applications issues that were reported by users;
  • Refactored application components for Android and iOS native application;
  • Fixed severe bugs and investigated side effects;
  • Improved user experience and increased application score;
  • Over 5 million downloads and significantly improved client feedback.


  • Greatly improve microservice architecture ;
  • High scalability allowing for processing of millions invoices per day;
  • Asynchronous event processing ;
  • Some of the key technical innovations were contributed to open source software projects.

Flutter Entertainment

  • Cloud sports and betting platform delivered increased scalability, improved data processing, and overall better user experience;
  • Improved user loyalty and lifetime value ;
  • Lower infrastructure cost .